Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where to be...

Will the market consolidate, find its footing, and move up to news highs? I have no idea, but if it starts to move I will be focusing on industries that have shown strength in the last run, some of which I have already established positions.

The ITA has been strong, and has now pulled back from bouncing off the top of its channel. This moves in legs, so look for the turn and then focus on good setups in the space.

IYR. Real estate confounding macro traders, similar to the retail space.

IBB. The dreaded biotechs, sure to eat a hole in your gut on overnight holds. Risk/reward higher here, and it may be valid to feel that the risk outweighs the reward. Some component stocks have really been moving (IMGN, RIGL, ADLR sold off today, keep em tight, GERN for example) , so lets see if the IBB can break and hold.

EWM and IDX. This region is hot, but there is some unrest right now in Malaysia... but if there is not unrest, it is just around the corner, so really, you just have to trade it how you see it. I like the IDX, has more pop than EWM, and is holding well here.

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