Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best and worst trade from Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Still kinda ailing, so sorry if this is a bit wonky:

My LNG trade was both my best and worst trade. It was good as I got in a on a real mover and made some serious gain, but left a lot on the table by not scaling out correctly in the secondary breakout. I got greedy, thinking it might keep running. In retrospect, the first sell might look like the most egregious, but most trades do not run like this one, and selling a third right away is a 'bread and butter' trade, make some quick gain in case it collapses back on itself, like many do. My scaling was fine for the first run, but again, the secondary scaling was terrible, as I thought I could maximize gains by letting it consolidate again and breakout again. It just faded the rest of the day. I should have kept tightening and got out in the break in at least the 8.50 area, and my last stop out should have been what was actually my next to last. Still, good one to be in.

Another plus is that this was a bounce play on a nasty sell off from the day before. I usually don't play these, and now I am not sure why and will look more. Half our trading room was in this play, and thanks to Cath for being the first to mention it on Tuesday, so it was on all our radars today.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back in the game

Well, not 100%, but much better and will be more involved in the game this week.

Here are some tickers with good risk/reward setups for aggressive traders. Some of these are a bit extended, so they could even be good shorts on a breakdown. The market is choppy right now, so I am trying to be much more selective, and keep stops much tighter. I want conviction in price movement and volume to be a believer.

ARGN TREX NXY PNM BGS PEET VGZ SONS (no particular order here).

My top pick from my last weeks Sunday night chart list, GPL, went gangbusters (alas, I was too out of it to be on it). PM's continue to outperform. This will continue until it does not :) My core SLV position continues to roll, still holding from last August.