Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back in the game

Well, not 100%, but much better and will be more involved in the game this week.

Here are some tickers with good risk/reward setups for aggressive traders. Some of these are a bit extended, so they could even be good shorts on a breakdown. The market is choppy right now, so I am trying to be much more selective, and keep stops much tighter. I want conviction in price movement and volume to be a believer.

ARGN TREX NXY PNM BGS PEET VGZ SONS (no particular order here).

My top pick from my last weeks Sunday night chart list, GPL, went gangbusters (alas, I was too out of it to be on it). PM's continue to outperform. This will continue until it does not :) My core SLV position continues to roll, still holding from last August.

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