Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best and worst trades from November 1, 2011

My trading has been flat and uninspiring the last week. I have chopped about, and for every good trade there has been a bad one. Today is a perfect example. I caught a quick scalp in VRUS, only to go bottom fishing in MSFT (I know, I know, It is a POS but I am obsessed [warning] with this very long term setup on it and was going for an aggressive entry today).

Best trade:

Worst trade:


  1. this is great stuff! journaling your trades is going to be a huge help and is advanced level stuff. the best traders do all this everyday.

  2. Hey Kunal, good to see you have been by! It is hard to find the time to do every day, or even once a week, but I have kept it up for some time now, John got us going on it, will keep going...

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