Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back in the saddle

Nice start to earnings season. Here are all the trades I placed today, which are all green and that is very rare for me:

(Notes: The AKS was a swing trade sell, you can see the buy dates on the trades. I bought some more OVTI today and when I sold it the program used my first buy as my entry. My daytrade was a +.20 and not the +.67 it is showing, my cost basis for what I am still holding is 16.21 as I mentioned in the last post. I will likely hard stop at b/e on this, taking too long for my taste even though it is slowly working).

The WHR trade was nice. I was already comfortable in ASML when Brad on the squwak called out WHR spiking on Buffet news. So I quickly took it at the break of highs after the initial spike at 57.47 and just trailed my stop up each minute bar, fast money.

Here is a marked up chart of my ASML trade:

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