Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Better action

Some babble off the top of my head about what is going on now: Game on! Market is trading a bit more predictably and solidly, so trading long for the short and intermediate term looking good. Now is the time to start building. Hard to say whether the market will just keep running away or will provide some pullbacks. Pullbacks should bounce, not lay around. The lows should not be breached. Technically the market is still in a range, but it has a different 'feel' to me, so I think we at least will break out of the top, giving some time to for strong stocks and high probability patterns to work on a swing time frame.

I did not call out these trades from the last week in real time as I have been sporadically trading, but I am in AKS, WFT, and OVTI. The OVTI I added at 16.21, so it is still buyable here, I may add to it tomorrow if the market is strong. I like the flag, but it needs to breakout in the next day or so. I will dump it below 16.

I am back in the seat full time now for earnings season.

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