Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nothing doing

It was a good time to go on vacation. I put on some swings, checked in once or twice a day, made a few, lost a few, just staying warm. Nothing has changed so there is no real edge here, the tide is slack, the game is on time out. I will keep taking a few shots to stay warm, and if they start working I will slowly start to add.

Really, nothing has changed in weeks now. I am sure there are some people killing it in here, I will continue to study and see if I can find what works in this sort of environment, as what is 'now' tends to stay 'now' for longer than people prefer. This lost decade could turn into two, so we could have lots of this sort of action in the future. Follow the cheese.

For now, patience. If nothing else then have to wait for earnings season and see if the independent intraday movers and gappers can trade well.

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