Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Got a good one

NUAN turned out very well. Identified it in premarket as a gapper on earnings news. It gave a nice easy setup that I used a buy stop for, took a medium/full size position and it just kept running above my sell stops that I was frantically updating. If I had been selling at market I would have unloaded more of the stock at lower prices, thinking that the moves were unsustainable, and usually that is the right thing to do, but this time it really helped me unload in the top half of the move rather than spaced evenly along the way as usually happens. Course I totally missed the top, but I never expect to get those. If only we could catch these everday!
the bummer about CMC is that I identified its strength much earlier on, around 14.90 but did not act on it as I thought 15 too close and it would retest below that flag before going through 15; wrong! Instead I waited for another setup which was the flag entry, and it turned out fine. No NUAN triple, but nothing wrong with a bunt single. 1/3 size position

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