Monday, November 29, 2010

later plays monday

Getting more patient. I took one bad trade in the morning, but stayed patient and got a couple good ones in the afternoon, and a couple other flats+, and made my daily goal. It is interesting that having written up a trading plan with a daily goal has very much changed my trading during the day. Today, when I hit my goal, my trades became much more defensive. My stops became 'break evens' a little quicker than they would have before. Also, before I met my goal, I was quicker to sell to realize my gains and make my goal, rather than trying to hit a home run. So my day, instead of being: triple, strike out, strike out, strike out, single, strike out (scratch the triple if it was not a good day); was more like: single, strike out, double, strike out, single, single, strike out, single.

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