Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teachers, mentors, coaches

I am a slow learner, and I was slow to learn that teachers, mentors, and coaches are absolutely invaluable. When I was young I thought you had to do it all on your own. Unfortunately you do not get all the tools you need that way. You might get good at hammering, but you miss the parts about sawing and cutting, simply because you do not know the whole scheme of things. It increases the learning curve when you are learning on your own.

Look, top athletes like Jordan and Woods have coaches, Presidents have speech writers and advisors. These are not mentors, they are paid coaches. If you are not lucky enough to have a teacher or mentor, then find someone good to train you. I have tried a few trading coaches that I have paid, never more than 100 a month, and, again, only a few. I only chose folks that had proven themselves to me in real time by posting trades. One was a poor, and the other 2 were great and in very different ways. I am happy to share my experience if you are interested and looking.

The nice thing about this profession is that the bottom line is a cut and dry metric. If you are not making money, you are doing something wrong, and thus you need help, or are getting the wrong help.

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