Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best and worst trade from Tuesday December 21st

The ATPG trade is a funny one for me, as the twitter-sphere and the chat room I am in during the day really buzzes about this stock, so I have been following it a bit. My entry was more discretionary than mechanical, and even though I do play that kind of setup from the minute chart a lot, I loaded the trade with a market order and banged away, all oddly detached, and it worked out great. I am not sure it has the potential everyone thinks it has, but what do I know. What I think is that it needs to really leg up tomorrow, and then I will be a believer. Just a funny trade for me as others I took I was passionate about, and they amounted to less than this, or, as JBL, to bother.

2 annotated charts on ATPG, the daily and minute.

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