Monday, December 27, 2010

slow times

Nice melt up today. I only watched the open, then was out most the day. Took two trades, a flesh wound -.03 in APWR, and took MHR at yesterdays high with a buy stop, and took half off on sell limit at 6.99 while i was away, but the darn thing rocked up to 7.50, wish I had been around to take off more, so am sitting on the second half with a hard stop at breakeven. If the pre-market looks healthy I will take it off before the open so I dont get wick'd out on any first minute bar shenanigans. Still hold some of that ATPG, which just rested today. Might add to it over the near resistance if I am around to baby it. Tempted to sell last of SLV on weakness, it has a decision to make...

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