Thursday, December 2, 2010

poor days

so the market has had two screaming up days... and while the bulls were partying i was getting mauled by the bears on the first day, and making pocket change on the second. wtf. this is not the first time i have had this experience, so there is something about my trading style that does not work on these gap up and high trend days. my thoughts:

i need to take smaller positions and give my picks much more room to work. something about these days make the stocks range wider but still trend up. my tight stop style does not work

on these days i think it fair to take a few more positions, since the stops are wider i dont have to follow the ticks of each one as closely.

need to buy dips of the gap players on these days?

maybe stocks are so loopy on these days because seller are taking advantage of the strength and dropping larger blocks. conjecture.

[well, i have reviewed the below charts and i am not so sure. pretty flat action for gappers. maybe strong market strength takes away from the gappers and give strength to conventional daily setup plays....]

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