Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Benefits of trading within a group

I had a very good day, and part of my success was being in a room (virtual) where someone shouted out a ticker that was setting up, and I was in the right spot to take the trade. Thanks Cuda for the ARMH shoutout! Also, being around other people allows you to see other peoples trading styles; it expands your strategy base. The CGW room has traders that trade 10 shares and traders that trade 10,000 shares, and a very large range of experience. It can be a little overwhelming, but ultimately, by example, you see what works consistently over time. You see many more trades than you can actually make, so you get a boost of market experience. If you are interested in CGW, ask me about it. No, I get no commission or benefit by you joining.

I traded CRUS and ARMH, and sold off some EEE from last week, big plays for me; I took a very large position in ARMH. My only dud was PQ, and I had some boring trades with XING, of which I am swinging a touch, and NM. Good start to the month.

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