Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Worst trade of the day, Tuesday, February 1st

Today was defined, unfortunately, by my first and worst trade, ADM. I also traded MTW, which I had to get in and out of twice (first for a loss), so that watered down my gain, coupled with my small size second entry and so I really did not hit it out of the park on the big run it took; but it helped a lot. SIMO I had to trade in and out twice also, and really only for a single both times. I had profitable little trades in KWK and VG, call them singles too, and a whiff in CRUS, and there is the whole day, a big hole with ADM and then scratching and clawing my way out for an ok day. I'll take it, but I might not like it.

Watch CRUS over the next day or two, nice setup.

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