Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day of little gain

Lots of running to nowhere today, a positive day in spite of myself. After yesterday, that is fine, but I was just feeling too defensive today, not wanting to tarnish yesterday. If I had just let my remainder positions in ARMH and CRUS work, along with EEE I would have done as well or better, without all the thrashing about, but you have to be in to catch a good one, so that is the price you pay sometimes. I traded ESRX, CELL, TA, HNSN, and SFD. TA could have been a huge winner, but I went too small and my limit order did not get fully filled. Another vote against limit vs market buys. I made over a buck, but the size was so small, it had to get that far to matter. It did. The daily looks gorgeous, but was too hot for me to be effective. What is does prove is to stick with the high quality setups. What a flag, and what a result.

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