Friday, January 14, 2011

Best and worst trades from Friday, January 14

Sold ICLR and KNDI today, did not gain for holding them overnight, but they were still well in the money from the entries but would have fared better selling them yesterday. Still holding PWAV, its fine, I have a 5$ fantasy target on this one, but the charts show it should work if the market keeps grinding sideways or up. Yes, I was right in that I should have held TTMI, so the lesson is turn in the tired horse, ICLR, for the fresh one. KNDI was fine, just didn't work.

SPR was the winner today, though it was a grind it out affair, and not a beautiful flyer like for those that got in NANO today. KLAC was the loser, for me anyway, not everyone. I also traded BDSI, CPHD, and SGI (thx CGW crew for this one), which were all good, and CPIX for -.02, my other dud.

As always, click on them to make them bigger:

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