Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday trading

TOS/Ameritrade broke a trade for me today. I had a GTC buy stop set for ICLR to trigger at ~22.25 (can't remember exact right now), but right at the open the trade triggered and filled at 22.12, but on a couple different platforms the price never exceeded 21.90 for a while after the open. I am fine getting triggered and having the stock back off, but not even showing a price close to my fill is not right. Anyway, TOS thought it did not pass the smell test either and broke the trade. If its fishy, call. And it always good to be reminded that on a thin stock like ICLR that the opening nano-second can see wild bid/ask swings before it all fills in, and stops can get triggered either way. That is why I don't always like to have hard stops set for the open or close.

I traded CKSW (played the opening break at 8.84, decent, but round tripped 1/3 of it... had high hopes), JOE (got at 22.51, sold all by eod, thx Jay!), DVR (lost a couple pennies), LINE (did fine on first 1/3, made a couple pennies on rest, meh), BZH (made a penny). Day of singles and walks, not bad, pays the bills. The SHZ and MVIS swings were sold yesterday, nothing thrilling.

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